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IST Certificate

In the certificate program in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) you can explore critical areas of information technology and information management. You will be introduced to information sciences, software applications, web development, database management, network administration, and telecommunications systems. Team projects will be focused on developing your analytical thinking and your communication skills.

The IST certificate program allows you to work at your own pace. You can take one or two courses each semester; thus, it is possible to complete the 13-credit program in as little as one year. The credits you earn may be used to satisfy Penn State course requirements in the associate and bachelor’s degree programs in information sciences and technology. If you have a degree in a field other than information technology, adding IST credentials to your résumé may be beneficial to your career. If you are just starting in the information technology field but are not yet ready to tackle a full-time academic schedule, you can use this certificate program to sample the subject matter before making a further educational commitment.

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Undergraduate Bulletin Program Descriptions:

A.S. in IST

B.S. in IST

Minor in IST

Semester Plans:

A.S. in IST
(Individual Option)

 A.S. in IST
(Baccalaureate Option)

B.S. in IST
(ITINT Option)