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Three business managers: two white females and one black male

Three typical business managers

Program Coordinator: Mr. John Weber
Phone: (570) 675-9164
Email: jpw10@psu.edu

Advising Coordinator: Dr. Walteen Grady Truely
Phone: (570) 675-9229
Email: wpt2@psu.edu

The Bachelor of Science in Business (B.S.B.) is a professionally oriented business degree program that combines the theoretical underpinnings of core business disciplines, notably management, marketing, finance, and supply chain management, with applied study in a practical setting. Students develop written and oral communication skills, acquire contemporary technology proficiency, and engage in active and collaborative learning throughout the program. The BSB program gives students skills that are very sought after by prospective employers, among them team building, critical thinking and problem solving. The BSB program requires the completion of an internship program before graduation. This internship is an excellent opportunity for enriching the academic experience by immersing students into small or large business. The internship and the degree program allow students to become familiar with the unique business environments of their local communities, a design that sets the degree apart from other business degrees offered within the University and throughout the Commonwealth.

Through the choice of an 18-credit option, students specialize in a key business sector. The two options available at Penn State Wilkes-Barre are the Marketing and Management Option and the Accounting Option.

Marketing and Management Option: This option has a dual focus. First, it helps students develop skills in managing employees in efficient and effective ways, as well as skills for successful strategic management and business planning. Secondly, students gain mastery of marketing topics such as market intelligence, product decision making and communication strategies. These two areas of emphasis give students a solid foundation for leading small business or units of large organizations.

Accounting Option: This option focuses on helping students to develop and interpret the financial information that is critical for decision making in today’s business environment. It prepares students for careers in areas of financial and managerial accounting, systems and controls, auditing and taxation.  Typical careers of graduates with the Accounting Option include corporate controller, treasurer, budget director, auditor, tax planner and consultant.