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Online Courses and Certificates

The surveying program offers seven courses that are completely online. The are SUR 241, SUR 341, SUR 441, SUR 351, SUR 441, SUR 455, and SUR 262.

The Penn State Surveying Engineering program offers two online certificate programs in surveying. They are Measurement Analysis and Least Squares Adjustments and Geodesy and GPS. Both certificates are offered completely on the web.

Each certificate program consists of three courses:

Measurement Analysis and Least Squares Adjustments
  1. SUR 241 - Surveying Measurement Analysis
    (access to surveying equipment required)
  2. SUR 341 - Adjustment Computations
    (access to a programing language required: C, Pascal, Fortran, or Basic)
  3. SUR 441 - Data Analysis and Project Design
Geodesy and GPS
  1. SUR 351 - Geodetic Models
  2. SUR 441 - Data Analysis and Project Design
  3. SUR 455 - Precise Positioning Systems

To take any of the courses listed above, you should apply with the nondegree application form and register for these courses at the Wilkes-Barre campus. The prerequisites for the classes are college-level calculus (MATH 140 & 141), statistics (STAT 401), and computer programming (CMPSC 201).

The costs of tuition and other charges can be viewed on the bursar's page at http://tuition.psu.edu/.

To learn more about taking these courses online, contact Dr. Chuck Ghilani at 570-675-9127.


To apply, print the form, fill it in with the appropriate information, and mail it to:

Penn State Wilkes-Barre
P.O. Box PSU
Lehman, PA 18627-0217
After you are notified by the University of your NON DEGREE status (i.e., you are a PSU student), you will need to get your Access Account. A Penn State Access Account is a unique digital identity, comprised of a userid and password, which enables a person to use a wide range of Penn State Internet services. To get your Access Account:
  1. Print the form and mail or fax it to the address on the form along with a copy of your photo ID or driver's license. (Be sure to enlarge the photo ID information a good bit and make it very light, otherwise the picture does not come through in the FAX process.) Include a phone number on the form of where you can be reached during day-time hours, if necessary.
  2. After the Accounts office receives the information and it is legible, they will process the request. Access account information will be sent to the home address we have on file, using U.S. Mail. The information will come from the Penn State University Park campus directly to you.


The University uses a on-line registration system called eLion (https://elion.psu.edu). Once you have your Access Account, you will be able to schedule SUR classes:

  1. In a web browser window, open the PSU schedule of classes, http://soc.our.psu.edu/soc/. Select the Wilkes-Barre campus and the appropriate semester, then specify the course abbreviation “SUR”. Find the schedule number for the SUR course you are interested in.
  2. Log in to eLion as a student using your Access Account information. From the left window, click on the link Registration. Register for the courses you wish to schedule.

Note: the above courses are the only courses available online. If you wish to take other courses, you must be prepared to attend classes.

For more information you can contact:

  • Director of Information Technology (IT): Caroline Chronowski at cxs22@psu.edu or phone (570) 675-9153
  • Registrar: Margie Esopi at mbe1@psu.edu, or phone (570) 675-9192
  • Admission Officer: John Barnes at jsb2@psu.edu, or phone (570) 675-9229