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Penn State Wilkes-Barre is particularly well-served by its faculty. Our 30-plus full-time faculty members are assisted by about a dozen administrators, staff, and retired professors who teach on a part-time basis. We also employ a small number of adjunct professors whose personal experiences in their professional fields—as engineers, attorneys, judges, fine artists, meteorologists, etc.—allows students to learn from practitioners as well as theoreticians. Additionally, many of our full-time tenured faculty members are professionally active in their academic fields: presenting at conferences, publishing articles and books, and holding national and even international reputations as scholars. Yet even given their stellar reputations, faculty at Wilkes-Barre are very available to students. Because our students will never be taught by graduate students in huge lecture halls—few class sections exceed 25-30 students—professors get to know their names. Students can easily form close professional relationships with faculty members, often an impossibility at larger schools. This is especially important should students need individual help in class, choosing a profession, or obtaining that all-important recommendation to a job after graduation.