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Penn State WIlkes-Barre is strongly committed to promoting opportunities for students to work with faculty engaged in research and scholarly activities.  We are interested in engaging students not only in the laboratory sciences but also in scholarship and creative activity in all disciplines.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Working one-on-one with a member of the Penn State faculty will give you a special academic advantage. As a researcher, you have a unique opportunity to work with faculty and join in their pursuit of new knowledge. Penn State, a comprehensive public research university, offers an undergraduate education that is available at only a few select institutions of higher learning. Laboratories, special library collections, museums, studios, and academic computing facilities enhance the instructional environment, and complement traditional classroom teaching and learning experiences. By participating in an undergraduate research project you will be introduced to the basic principles used to make new discoveries and develop theories. This new knowledge will build your confidence in independent inquiry, show you the value of critical thinking, and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow's world.

Three Important Steps to Becoming a Student Researcher

Read. Information about research opportunities available for undergraduates displayed below. You'll find a listing of academic department research sites along with faculty projects that have opportunities for undergrads. Take the time to browse these listings and you just might find a research project that interests you.

Think. Are you interested in the sciences, engineering, arts, or business, etc. Do you want to work in a laboratory, library, or out in the field. Do your interests include computer technology, numerically intensive studies, or qualitative analysis? Do you have the experience, skills, intellect, and most importantly, the motivation and desire to be a contributing student researcher?

Contact. Once you have identified an undergraduate research project that is of special interest to you, your next step is to contact the department or faculty member in charge of the project. When talking with a faculty member about a specific research opportunity, remember to ask questions about wage payroll or work study support, and/or credit for independent study or thesis research. Most arrangements will be strictly voluntary, but some may offer remuneration. Not all students requesting a particular research involvement can be accommodated; judgments will be made on an individual basis by the department or faculty member in charge of the project. Note also that in some instances research projects can be initiated and/or changed to accommodate your special interests

Why Should You Get Involved?

Through research you can:

  • Work with internationally known scholars.
  • Learn more about the newest technologies.
  • Develop a better understanding of current intellectual debates.
  • Build experience that is valuable in business, education, and government-related careers.
  • Get an early introduction to graduate-level study.
  • Share in the excitement of discovering something new.
  • Build a lasting relationship with a faculty member or research team. 


Research Opportunities for Undergraduates at Penn State is sponsored by participating faculty and coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and International Programs, The Pennsylvania State University, 417 Old Main, University Park, PA 16802.



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