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Whether you are exploring the idea of taking a class or are already an adult learner, the links below may be helpful to you. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for on our website, please feel free to contact any of the following individuals for further assistance:

Adult Learner Contact Information
Name Department Phone
Ellen Gregorio Admissions 570-675-9238
Jane Ashton Continuing Education 570-675-9251
Jane Ashton Certificates 570-675-9251
Margie Esopi Registrar 570-675-9233
Stacey Zelinka Student Financial Aid 570-675-9238
Lorna Chin Academic Assistance 570-675-9285
Karen Ford Career Services 570-675-9208
Wanda Ochei Student Services and Engagement 570-675-9279
Sarah Luvender Disability Services 570-675-9282
Stacey Zelinka Veterans’ Services 570-675-9238
Walteen Grady Truely Academic Advising 570-675-9217
Jennie Knies Library Services 570-675-9261

Commission for Adult Learners. Penn State has a Commission for Adult Learners that is a University-wide group of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to the betterment of the adult learner experience at Penn State. The Commission was appointed to review and recommend changes in policies and procedures, foster coordination and information sharing about programs and services that recruit and retain adult learners... and more! To see a list of current Commission members, click Commission for Adult Learners Membership.