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Alumni Events

Penn State Wilkes-Barre Alumni Constituent Society Meetings

Held monthly – please contact klb14@psu.edu for our next

meeting date, time and place!

“WE ARE ...”


The Alumni Society fund raising efforts support student-focused initiatives, including the Student Mentor Program, the For the Future:  A Campaign for Penn State Students, the Annual Fund for Academic Excellence, and the Annual Alumni Academic Award. For more information, contact the Office of Alumni and Development, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, P.O. Box PSU, Lehman, PA 18627-0217 (phone: 570-675-9228; e-mail: wbalumni@psu.edu).

For more information about any of the following events, click the event title or contact Karen Brace-Hodle at 570-675-9228 or klb14@psu.edu