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Summer Youth Camps – Descriptions

App Attack! Make Your First Game App

Take the first steps into the world of mobile app design and customize your own game app! Using a specialized game development tool, students will explore the world of phone-based and tablet applications. In addition to learning the basics of mobile app design and game development, you will also see firsthand how the World of App’s publishing functions. Student created apps will be accessible on a private site and can be played on any mobile device or computer.  No prior experience is necessary and students do not need to own a smartphone or tablet to take the class. At the instructor’s discretion, students may be teamed with a partner.

Awesome Investigations  NEW!

What is Glubber? How can you make a Sponge Creature emerge from its shell? Why do some things float and others sink? What makes Pop Rocks sizzle? What is Elephant Toothpaste? If you would like to know the answers to any of these questions then Awesome Investigations camp is for you!  A variety of educational, hands-on investigations will be explored to arrive at answers to these and other questions.

Endangered Animals… Learn Animation  NEW!

Students will create animations of specific endangered species belonging to South America. They will use Microsoft Paint in conjunction with an online animation program to help tell a story about the plight of an endangered species. At the instructor’s discretion, students may be teamed with a partner.

Endangered Animals… Create a Picture Book  NEW!

Students will experience a journey to South America through literature and media. While enjoying some of the simplistic attributes of a different culture, the students will focus on endangered species and participate in creating a book using Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Word.  At the instructor’s discretion, students may be teamed with a partner.

Endangered Animals… Design a Web Page  NEW!

Students will design a web page using Microsoft Publisher depicting a particular animal and specific facts about their endangerment. It is designed to help create an appreciative nature within students with the complex nature of conservation. At the instructor’s discretion, students may be teamed with a partner.

Examining Architecture through Disney Full-Animation Films  NEW!

This week long camp offers students the chance to build their own home located anywhere in the world!  Students will model architectural structures from popular Disney animation films like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Frozen in order to build their living space. Students will learn the fundamentals of the technology program, Sketchup and apply their skills through creative exterior and interior design. Students will create their own home based on their inspiration from the Disney Films. Take part in a fun interactive learning experience to build the home of your dreams!

Film Appreciation  NEW!

If you love watching movies, talking about them, comparing them, or even making your own films, you’ll love this camp. Realize how the director tells a visual story with the camera and editing techniques. Analyze what makes a “good” film. Who decides which movies are made and how movies are publicized? Learn how to look for deeper meaning in movies by screening and discussing classic as well as current films. Find out the terms and observational skills to talk and write about movies more articulately.

Forces & Magnets  NEW!

Technological design is a creative process that anyone can do. Join us for a week of fun and learning activities. Explore forces as we create together. Magnets and electricity produce related forces we can read about and observe.  A force is required to change an object’s speed or direction, like playing ball outside or hula-hooping. Campers will read and discuss stories about MAGNETISM, create a take-home magnet art piece, observe momentum using marbles, play interactive learning games, and engage in activities demonstrating FORCES.

Co-Ed Golf

Learn the fundamentals of grips, swings, proper body position, and clubs. You will get plenty of practice putting on the campus green along with skill development games and relays. Campers are grouped according to age and ability, and will play at the Lehman Golf Club on Friday. Bring clubs and a drink each day.

Girls’ Volleyball

Beginners to experienced players will benefit from this week of fun learning key volleyball fundamentals! By incorporating drills and team games, you will learn the essential elements of serving, serve receiving, forearm passing, setting, hitting, blocking, team serve reception, team defense, and transition to offense. Campers will also work on leadership and teamwork exercises. The end result will be a love for the sport of volleyball!

Grounded in a Good Way… We’re Going Buggy about Science & Technology  NEW!

We’re going buggy about Science and Technology! Come join us for a week-long adventure in the creative process.  A technological world requires that humans, including Penn State Campers, develop capabilities to solve technological challenges and improve products for the way we live. Matter has observable and measurable physical properties, SO, LET’S GET “GROUNDED IN A GOOD WAY” as we learn how soil supports the circle of life. Campers will view PowerPoint and video on erosion with Bill Nye, learn about 4H opportunities, collect and study soil samples, listen to and share stories, make environmental and ecological observations on campus and create improved insect adaptations through a “Sculpy” art project. 

Hold That Chick & Other Barnyard Animals

Chicks are here when you arrive, ready to be named. Learn how to hold them and care for them. Learn about all types of critters found on the farm and how to have fun finding some of them.

Lego Land®

Explore and challenge your creative potential for designing and building Lego® structures and motorized machines. Gear up your trip to LegoLand® by creating and designing in teams to build Lego® robots with a working “brain”. The hands-on intersection of math and physical science is just the beginning of your journey through LegoLand®. Introduction to WeDo STEM Expansion.

Lego® Mindstorm Robotics®

Design and build a high tech Lego® robot in this hands-on computer and construction camp. Work in teams to create a working robot that you have designed from the NXT Lego® software, hardware, and website. Create an obstacle course for your robot to navigate with its light sensors and motorized controls. Computer-wise campers and building brainiacs will take their Lego® Mindstorms® to new heights!

Math-Tastic Adventures

Get ready for a week-long adventure that will take you on an exciting journey around the mathematical realm! You will explore fractions using food, investigate geometry and patterns in nature and art, use computer games to explore operations and computations, conduct measurements and surveys during outdoor games, and use math strategies while playing sports. By the end of the week, you will be an elementary mathematical genius!


Minecraft Designers  NEW!

If you love the game Minecraft, but always wanted to design your own characters and buildings for your games this class is for you! Learn the basics of creating 3-D models using a new software to design your very own objects, create skins for characters, and import them into your favorite Minecraft games. To access their project at home students must own a PC/MAC version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone, and game console version of Minecraft are not compatible. Parent email address is required to use 3D modeling software. Students will work in teams for most of the program.

Musical Theatre: Little Mermaid Jr.

Spend one exciting week learning what it takes to put on a high-spirited musical production! Campers will have a show-stopping good time learning all aspects of a musical production – from staging, prop and costume development to singing, acting, and dancing. This camp culminates in a full-blown performance for family and friends on Friday at 2 p.m.

Newton’s Toolbox  NEW!

Why does a scientist need a toolbox? Come and explore why at Newton’s Toolbox. Campers will use the tools of science (microscopes, graduated cylinders, triple mean balances, stopwatches, batteries, light bulbs, magnets, stopwatches, etc.) to investigate many different fun and exciting science topics.

Nothing But Net – Basketball (Co-Ed)  NEW!

The emphasis is on having fun while learning the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Nothing But Net camp is perfect for the future basketball player that wants to have fun and learn the fundamentals of the game. Your child will learn basic basketball skills which include dribbling, shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense. There will be plenty of games and competitions so that the players can show off their new moves on basketball floor. The goal is to explain, demonstrate, and practice specific basketball fundamentals to develop good habits on the basketball court. The camp instructor will stress the importance of hard work, communication, and a positive attitude while maintaining a fun environment.

Public Speaking  NEW!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a great speaker, or do you simply wish that you wouldn't get nervous every time you had to give a presentation? Wonder and worry no more! This camp will give you the opportunity to develop basic public speaking skills. Over the course of the week, we will examine qualities of great public speakers and focus on writing and presenting great speeches for a variety of situations so that you can speak up and speak out with confidence.

Sixty Seconds to Glory  NEW!

Are you ready to play some fun and challenging games that don’t last very long? Then log off of your computer and sign up for Sixty Seconds to Glory. Play a variety of games (Ninja Card, Stick It, Chopstick Express, etc.) and earn tickets towards an end of camp auction. This is the perfect camp for those with short-attention spans!

Summer Camp Carnival  NEW!

Step right up, step right up! It’s time for the first annual Penn State Summer Camp Carnival! Throughout the week, campers will be creating and competing in a variety of carnival games (Water Balloon Piñata, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Bingo, Skeeball, Popcorn Relay Race, Bean Bag Toss, etc.) Students will be earning tickets and redeeming them at our end of camp auction. So, if you think you have what it takes, sign right up, sign right up!

Summer Music Camp: Discovering Electronic Music  NEW!

This week-long summer camp will focus on how easy and exciting it is to create and perform music using some of the best technology accessible to us on a daily basis. Each day, students will learn about and experiment with new ways of making music with digital devices (like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops) as well as how we can transform ordinary household items—such as pots and pans, pencil drawings, and even food!—into unique controllers, used to coax new and creative sounds out of various software programs and apps. The camp sessions will also cover introductory techniques on how to record your own music using easy-to-obtain equipment and software for those students interested in getting their own musical creations out into the world. Each camp session will take a unique approach of teaching musical concepts through more universal topics—such as introductory levels of science, math, and physics—to give students a well-rounded approach to embracing electronic music. Students will not be required to have any previous musical experience in order to attend the camp.

Superheroes Unite!  NEW!

Enjoy a week of action-packed fun with super children like you who also love superheroes. Build heroic qualities, design your own character, make your own mask, and vote on the best Superhero of all time. So tell your sidekick, put on your cape, and it's up, up, and away to Superhero Camp!

Team Building & Leadership Camp  NEW!

Team Building takes time and effort to bring about lasting results. Spend a week doing team building exercise to shape students into leaders. Understanding, appreciation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution play a role in all the activities. The students function as team members working together toward a common mission. Working together through exercises and challenges creates group unity, confidence, and development of student’s resourceful strengths.

United Children of the World – Introduction to World Cultures  NEW!

During this camp children will visually travel all around the globe and learn interesting facts about different cultures, discuss different countries and languages—Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, French, and German. We will look at different ways languages are written. Children will learn to say hello and introduce themselves in 5 languages. Children will trace their name and their origins and create a coat of arms that represents their name. Enjoy craft activities for various countries and learn about different fashion styles. Each day of camp children will learn one game from a different country.

Unplugged!  NEW!

Spend a week having fun and making friends the old-fashioned way—playing the games your parents and grandparents enjoyed when they were your age. In this retro camp, we will travel back to a time before video games, computers, cell phones, and tablets ruled the summer. After playing popular games from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's, you'll know how to have fun even when the power goes out.

Wild about Art!  NEW!

What an amazingly diverse world we live in! There are so many wonderful creatures who we share our planet with and scientists are discovering more every day. This week is all about those amazing creatures. Campers will explore the sky, the land, and the water creating art that celebrates the amazing creatures we live with and maybe discovering a few new creatures on the way.

Writing for the Creative Mind  NEW!

We put the emphasis on expressing ourselves through writing, rather than on rules. We'll learn how to stay true to our own writing voices and experiment with developing ideas into poetry, nonfiction (memoir, journalism), short stories, plays and screenplays. Daily activities will include techniques and confidence. Participants should come equipped with limitless imaginations.