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Summer Youth Camps – Registration Information

Advance registration and payment are requested at least two weeks prior to the camp start dates. Camps have limited enrollment and often fill up quickly. Early registration will also help to ensure that a camp is not cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Registrations must be postmarked by May 2nd to receive the early bird discount of 10% off per camp. Confirmation will be emailed to you upon receipt of your registration.

Registration Options

You have several options for registering for summer youth camps:

  1. Register online at offering.psu.edu/wb-summer-youth.  Important! If you are registering someone other than yourself (e.g., a parent registering a child), you will be acting as that person during the registration process; enter their information, not your own. This is the easiest way to register for multiple summer camps. Or, if you would like to individually register for one or more camps, you can register online at: wb.psu.edu/CE/cesched.htm, or on our Summer Youth Camp Schedule page . (Please note: If registering online, the musical camp is described as a two-week camp; however, it is only a one-week camp.)
  2. Call our office at 570-675-9219 and we will register you over the phone.
  3. Visit our office in person to complete a registration form. (Normal office hours are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm; however, we suggest you call first, as exceptions may apply on certain days.)
  4. Obtain a printed registration form by

Fill out the registration form and return it to us by mail, fax, or email (see contact information below). Please specify the course schedule number indicated underneath each camp title on the Camp Schedule page.

Required Forms

In order to complete your registration, in addition to the Registration Form you must also fill out and return the following forms:

These forms can be obtained by

  • clicking the links above or on the right-hand sidebar of this page; or
  • requesting them by mail, fax, or email (see contact information below).

Contact Information

All requests, registration forms and other documents can be sent to us by

  • mail addressed to:

Continuing Education Summer Youth Program
Penn State Wilkes-Barre
P.O. Box PSU
Lehman, PA 18627