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Computational Methods in Stormwater Management

The topics presented in this short course represent a comprehensive array of hydrologic and hydraulic tools for stormwater management design, detention facility design, and subdivision planning. The Virginia Tech/Penn State Urban Hydrology Model (VT/PSUHM) will be used to illustrate how these tools can assist in the design of stormwater management facilities. Special emphasis will be placed on the fundamental calculations for detention facility design, particularly outlet structure design. The Multiple Stage Routing Model (MSRM) in the VT/PSUHM will be used to assist in understanding the design process. Additional emphasis will be placed on BMP design, particularly enhanced detention, enhanced extended detention, bioretention cells and infiltration basins. Example analysis and design situations will be addressed and solved using the software. The participants will be guided through practice problems that deal with stormwater management design.

By attending this short course, participants will receive information that will help them navigate Pennsylvania's Stormwater permitting process.  Attendees will also be more knowledgeable about designing stormwater management practices to meet the Post-Construction Stormwater Management Requirements in Chapter 102 regulations.

Who Should Enroll

This course is intended for stormwater facility designers with previous exposure to urban runoff calculations involving NRCS (SCS) methods, channel and reservoir routing principles, and Rational methodologies. Because hands-on computer work is emphasized in the course, the fundamental concepts behind these methods will not be presented in great detail. However, specific details for each of the methods presented will be documented or referenced in the supplemental short-course notes. Each participant is encouraged to bring a hand calculator for occasional use.


The next Stormwater Management Conference will be held on August 6-7, 2015. Check back in early March/April for more details.

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