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April 28, 2015

Call to Order: Dr. David Chin 

Attendance: Faculty: Tim Sichler, Bob Faux, Anson Carter, William Chickillo, David Chin, Renee Rosier, William Bachman, Brian Naberezny, John Weber, Fred Stefon, Tom Seybert, Dudley Snyder, Lynda Goldstein, Willie Ofosu, Marshall Davi, Christine Berzsenyi, Wei-Fan Chen, Megan MacGregor, Jennie Knies, Steven Putzel, Frouke de Quillettes 

Student representative: none 

Administrative Members: Dr. Charles Davis, Dr. Albert Lozano


 Undergraduate Research Exhibition takes place 4/29 in Hayfield. Encourage students to attend.  

Chancellor’s Report 

Preliminary review recommendations: five of eight recommendations had to do with developing assessment plan

Fall of 2016 – all classrooms will go under a master schedule throughout the university and they will eliminate priority scheduling. 

University wide committee looking into the cost of textbooks for students. You cannot recommend alternative ways for students to buy book. Penn State is under contract with Barnes and Noble.

Those of you that travel, there is a Global Travel Register. Must sign up if you plan on traveling international and want reimbursement.

Commencement is May 9th with over 700 expected to attend.

Dramatic changes over the Summer: New driving pattern, Tech Center room 101, and Hayfield roof

DAA Report 

PSU008-Will pass recommendation to faculty Fall 2015

New Faculty: Dr. Violet Majer and Dr. Garrett Huck

 Committee Reports

• Academic Affairs (John Weber) 

The first discussion item centered on the campus’s affiliation with Alpha Sigma Lamdba, a national honor society for nontraditional students.  Many AAC members in attendance were not aware that our campus was part of this adult honor society. Several AAC members wondered how many other faculty are aware of our campus affiliation with Alpha Sigma Lambda. All AAC members in attendance were aware of the campus’s honor society. 

Below is the criteria for Alpha Sigma Lamdba Adult Honor Society:

Adult/nontraditional age student must be matriculated

Have a minimum of 24 graded semester hours in an undergraduate degree program

Members must be selected from the highest 10% of the class

Inductees must have a minimum grade average of 3.2 out of a 4.0 scale

Only nontraditional age (Adult) students are eligible. Benefits to adult students can include scholarship opportunities, record of academic achievement and build their resume with an additional accomplishment. 

The second order of business centered on the current campus policy regarding independent study courses. There was a motion made to create a formal written request form where students would need to complete to request an independent study course. Such form would then need to be reviewed and signed by the student’s advisor. The form would be sent to the department coordinator to determine the need for the independent study. If the form is approved by the department coordinator, the form would be sent onto the DAA to create the independent study course. AAC members in attendance believed such motion was a good idea.

• Election Committee (Dr. Renee Rosier)- No report

• Scholarly Activities (Tim Sichler)- No report

• Student Affairs (Melisa Naylor) 

STRE have been completed but do not have feedback as of yet

• Faculty Affairs- No report

• Library (Anson Carter)- No report  

• University Faculty Council Report (Dr. Wei-Fan Chen)

Changes to Constitution: Add the past chair as a non-voting member, remove the Election Committee category and have two year terms, Change status of term Councilors: Eliminate “council elect” 

University College Faculty Awards: Determine of whether or not these awards would tie into current campus awards. Suggestions for the procedure and process to nominate, select, and distribute these awards. 

Status of Election: Votes were due April 3rd, results soon to come.

•University Senators' Report (Dr. Salvatore Marsico/Dr. Willie Ofosu) 

A leading expert in Wellness, Mr. Al Lewis made a presentation to the committee on Wellness. The Life Insurance Policy report was further discussed, and it is intended to be presented.The report on Employee Contributions to Penn State’s Self-Insured Health Care Cost was presented to the Full Senate, and accepted. The current plan has the PPO Blue participants subsidizing two populations: the high deductible plan participants and those below $45,000 income. The proposal, Advisory/Consultative report, is designed to provide equity across all plans and all participants.

  • Faculty Affairs Committee

There will be an upcoming report discussing Teaching Workloads across the University. Committee is discussing moving forward on a recommendation to change the Emeritus Policy to include Fixed Term faculty. The yearly tenure flow report will be presented in April. Committee discussing Faculty Rights and Protections for Fixed Term faculty in the event of a financial exigency. 

Old Business 

(Marshall Davis) “I move that adjunct faculty, defined as an individual who has been contracted to teach a minimum (1) for-credit course within an academic year, be a voting member of the faculty senate with all rights and privileges. Further moving that the quorum at meetings be designated (10) members”

Faculty Senate called a vote and motion was passed

New Business: none

Comments for the Good of the Order: none

Next Meeting: August 19, 2015 Adjourned: 1:05 PM