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Faculty Senate Minutes from 8/20/2014

Call to Order: 1:05pm by David Chin


Faculty: Christine Berzsenyi, Ann Brennan, Wei-Fan Chen, David Chin, Jeffrey Chiampi, Terry Clemente, George Coroian, Marshall Davis, Francis Derby, Linda Goldstein, Anatoli Ivanov, Melisa Naylor, Brian Naberezny, Willie Ofosu, Steven Putzel, Frouke de Quillettes, Renée Rosier, Thomas Seybert, Tim Sichler,  Dudley Snyder, Fred Stefon, Thomas Winter

Administrative Members: Charles Davis, Albert Lozano

Student Representative: None

Announcements: seek nominations/volunteers for faculty senate positions

Chancellor’s Report:

  • Delivered during Campus Meeting earlier in morning
  • Focus on breakout sessions after faculty senate meeting

DAA Report:

  • Enrollment change across all University campuses
  • Ways to promote recruitment (focus of breakout sessions)
  • Discussion of 2013 student credit hours by faculty
  • Academic integrity violations and reporting
  • Elements of syllabus and Disability liaison for campus
  • FAR digital measures
  • P-Card for faculty travel
  • Campus vehicle v. rentals
  • Academic search results for Survey Engineering; Rehabilitation & Human Services
  • Attendance and impact on student financial aid; request for reporting of attendance and performance
  • Reminder of August 22, 2014 welcome for new students

Committee Reports: None

  • Scholarly Activity Committee: None
  • Student Affairs Committee: None
  • Academic Affairs Committee: None
  • Faculty Affairs Committee: None
  • Library Committee: None
  • University Faculty Council Report: None
  • University Senate Report: None

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Comments for the Good of the Order: None

Next meeting – October 14, 2014 at 12:05 in T-101

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm


Faculty Senate Minutes From 10/14/2014

Call to order: 12:05 pm by David Chin


Faculty: Melisa Naylor, Tim Sichler, Bob Faux, Jeff Chiampi, Anson Carter, William Chickillo, David Chin, Frank Derby, Thomas Winter, Renée Rosier, William Bachman, Brian Naberezny, John Weber, Fred Stefon, Tom Seybert, Dudley Snyder, Lynda Goldstein, Willie Ofosu, Marshall Davis, Walteen Truely

Administrative Members: Albert Lozano, Charles Davis

Reviewed minutes for the 8/20/2014 meeting.


  • U. Park Faculty Senate will be visiting and also the Penn State Laureate will be presenting this Thursday. Dr. Susan Russell, noon-hour presentation.  Her theme is Dignity; topic is“turning obstacles into order”.  Next Tuesday Oct.21, Dr. Nichola Gutgold from the Schreyer Honors College will be on campus. It will be an open presentation to both faculty and students.

Chancellor Report:

  • Our enrollment is down by 53 students compared to fall of last year; 36 of those are part-time students.
  • We really up scaled our marketing media, marketing materials, etc. We changed our focus on open house, we are focusing more on the quality of the education and faculty, and the success of our students.
  • Our October open house will a PowerPoint presentation continuously running called “Meet the heart of Penn State Wilkes-Barre.” Please give Rachel your information for this video.
  • Challenge each of you as a faculty member to spend 10 to 15 minutes a week to reach out to one potential student. Contact Ellen and she will see you get a name each week if you do not know a potential student. Copy Ellen so she can follow up with that potential student.
  • The Advisory Board formed an ad hoc committee on enrollment management and admissions. Rick Struthers is going to chair that committee; David Reese, and Jim Reno will be on that committee as well.

 DAA Report: (Please see faculty secretary for handouts)

  • Digital Measures. Discipline coordinators the DAA talks to each discipline.  It is very important that digital measures are in your file. Before the next deadline submission which is January 15, please make sure that all of your data in digital measures in accurate. Also note that from digital measures you can print out your information. Albert will send out a document that contains all the possible entries.
  • Faculty and staff searches: Personal and Career Counselor; we are also searching for an Assistant Professor for Surveying and Engineering. Interviews are scheduled for mid-November. We are also searching for an Assistant Professor for Rehabilitation and Human Services; this is tenure track position. 
  • Campus-to-Campus enrollment. 582 students. Albert had a breakdown of the campuses and comparisons. All campuses are seeing a decline in enrollment. Majority of our student are Pennsylvania residents. The bulk of our students are full time.
  • Questions: how University Park figures in data for all of this. Are we comparing apples and apples? 

 Committee Reports:

  • Scholarly Activity: has not met.
  • Student Affairs:  Met on Oct. 1, 2014. Possible topics and discussion for the future:
    • Student surveys that were completed about issues that are happening on campus; there is a very low completion rate.  Maybe redistribute them.
    • General education information session that was available to faculty and staff: offer it to students to give them a voice.
    • Advisor rating effectiveness.
    • Next meeting is scheduled for Monday October 27, at 12:15. Hemlock Room in the Student Commons.
  • Faculty Affairs: please see faculty secretary for minutes.
  • Library Committee: please see faculty secretary for minutes.
    • Met Oct 1.
    • Spoke briefly with Megan McGregor. Two items:
      • Developmental program to inform students about what they have available to them.
      • She is also interested in any faculty feedback of any issues the students may have with the University Library.
  • University Senator’s Report: (See faculty secretary for printed report.) Willie discussed the faculty benefits. The healthcare benefits is an ongoing process.  The multiplying factor of the number of credits the faculty is teaching.
  • Academic Affairs:
    • John Weber presented about the General Education task force.
    • Online course delivery: issues and concerns. Bob Faux talked about the survey feedback and the issue in technology. Students are signing up for online courses and they have no type of technology at home. We had to lend the students computers on a weekly basis over the summer. Course objectives: we have to be sure our content experts are making good decisions about whether a course can be presented online. That needs to be on-going recommendation from the course experts with some discussion with some people in that department, can this really be done.  There are definite limitations and there is huge preparation to put these courses online. In addition, faculty are all at different places from a technology standpoint, and some will probably be more comfortable teaching online than others. As the DAA thinks about offering online courses, it would great to recruit and encourage faculty, and not just assign. Training and education online. Cumbersome; could not find my way through it. We need an expert in doing this. University Park is using tools that we do not have available to us. Their faculty meets with a web designer and they design the course as they go. Looking for support recommendation, how are we doing this and with whom. Quality assurance standards: is there actually a faculty member on the other end.  Incentives and compensation, when we are teaching an online course of 300 students, what will that workload be? This is a benefit for some students because of the flexibility; it is also a liability. John Weber was involved in a redesign for Finance 101. John was very impressed with the amount of resources World Campus actually had. When you have a team of seven people, which is what he was working with, you really see the product at the end. A number of issues have come up and it is important to be on top of this.  Many students prefer a hybrid, the technology of the students have availability to them. Bill Bachman had a student who could not get a report done because of a dust storm in Saudi Arabia. Student from China who had poor technology. Would like to continue discussion at next meeting and receive more input.  Email John Weber (jpw10@psu.edu) with any questions or comments, so he can put an agenda forward to the committee. This would allow the committee to review our concerns so we could possibly get a vote. (Please see the Academic Affairs Committee’s motion on formalizing policies and procedures regarding non-traditional course delivery methods, sent to all faculty in email.)

Next meeting is Dec. 2, 2014.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.


Faculty Senate Minutes from 12/2/2014

Call to order: David Chin


Faculty: Dudely Snyder, Willie Ofosu, David Chin, William Bachman, Melisa Naylor, Jeff Chiampi, Anson Carter, Renée Rosier, Albert Lozano, Sal Marsico, Anatoli Ivanov, Bob Faux, Steven Putzel, Walteen Truely, Marshall Davis, Frank Derby, Frouke de Quillettes, Tom Seybert, John Weber, Brian Naberezny

Administrative Members: Charles Davis

Student Representatives: Chelsea English, Conner Mangan

Reviewed minutes from 12/4/2014 meeting.

Announcements:  no announcements.

Chancellor’s Report:

  • Talked briefly about the great wall of walk.
  • International travel: there is an international travel registry being created by the university. This will require you to register any international travel. This is for the university to keep track of where you are going for your safety.
  • Strategic Plan: We are shortly going to receive feedback on our strategic plan for the campus. It is being reviewed by different committees looking for diversity, etc.  Once we received the feedback we will revised our strategic plan accordingly.
  • Clery Act Training: federal law requires that universities take training on the Clery Act. We have to do it annually. Please complete this training.

DAA Report:

  • Status of Faculty/Staff Searches
    • Career Counselor for SSS – Candidate visiting campus on 2/12.
    • Assistant Professor of Surveying Engineering:  All interviews completed. We are extending invites to on-campus interviews mid to late January.
    • Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and Human Services: Search has begun.
  • Student Credit hour: please see attached information.

Committee Reports:

  • Scholarly Activity: A meeting was held on Oct. 28, 2014. Tim Sichler became the chairman of that committee. There was a discussion about grants and we decided a request for grants would go out that day grants were both approved. We also decided that the DAA needed to be contacted about the amount of funds available which the chairman will take care of. University research day. Tim will be sending out an email regarding this. Great idea to get admissions into this. This will be held in the spring sometime.
  • Student Affairs: Main topic of concern was the students completing the SRTE.  A lot seem to rest with faculty. We also received some student feedback as well. Offering class time to complete them. Try to get data from previous years.  SGA meeting it’s bring a friend we will have iPad readily available so they could fill them out right there. Topic of advising will be held off until the spring semester.  SRTE is our main focus.
  • Faculty Affairs: Met in November. Discussed the first-year experience course. The committee felt this should be offered. Sent out to the senate that we would like to be voted on with regards to online teaching.
  • Library: The Committee would like to pursue the following two agenda items:
    • Establish and appropriate recommendation to incorporate student library training into PSU 008, first year semester.
    • Assist Megan MacGregor QR code. Her idea is to have a poster for a department; the library resources for the department will have a QR bar code. You would scan the code with your cell phone and it would link you directly to the link. She is going to trial run this with a department.
  • University Senators report: 
    Benefits report: No questions. Sal received an email regarding the faculty contracts. Resolution came from the Harrisburg campus where the contracts are being executed starting date of the course start time and some are being executed three months after. Harrisburg is looking for a vote from the whole senate within 5 business days from the time the contract is executed.
  • Academic Affairs:
    David Chin looking for a vote for the faculty senate to accept that faculty should be recruited rather than assigned to utilize non-traditional methods of teaching. The Senate adopted this proposal.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Next meeting is January 29, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.


Faculty Senate Minutes from 1/29/15

 Call to Order: 1:05 by Dr. Chin

Attendance: Charles Davis, David Chin, Albert Lozano, Steven Putzel, Marshall R. Davis, Walteen Truely, Melisa Naylor, Robert Faux,Willie Ofosu, William Chickillo, Brian Naberezny,  Anson Carter, Frouke de Quillettes, Wei-Fan Chen, Renee Rosier, Jennie Knies, Christyne Berzsenyi, Megan MacGregor, Chelsea English, Frank Derby, Fred Stefon, Tom Seybert, Lynda Goldstein, Sal Marsico, Jeff Champi, Tim Sichler. 

Reviewed minutes from December 2, 2015 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Penn State Wilkes-Barre Undergraduate Research Exhibition on April 29, 2015
  • Faculty should  invite students to join in as both participants and attendees.
  • Megan MacGregor introduced our new head librarian, Jennie Knies

Chancellor’s Report:

  • discussed 23 changes to Pennsylvania’s laws regarding new screening requirements for employees with direct contact with minors and children.
  • discussed latest developments surrounding upcoming Penn State Wilkes-Barre Centennial celebration

 DAA Report: 

  • Updated faculty on status of searches:
    • Assistant Professor of Surveying Engineering: On-campus interviews Monday 2/2 and Friday 2/6
    • Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and Human Services: Conducting phone interviews this and next week 
    • Authorized by OVPCC to start a search for an Assistant Professor of Physics/Astronomy 
    • Faculty Staff Assistant position hiring authorized
  • Faculty evaluation process (FAR) reviewed. Faculty are encouraged to delete expired items.
  • Faculty encouraged to share information about projects so they can be publicized.

Committee Reports:

  • Election Committee: Met January 22, 2015 and discussed nominations for the next term and a faculty senate constitution amendment to include the position of Alternative University College Representati ve in Article 1, Section 2 of the bylaws. In the discussion that followed the motion to amend the constitution was voted on and adopted.
  • Academic Affairs Committee: met on Thursday, January 15, 2015 and discussed the following motion submitted to the faculty senate: “The Academic Affairs Committee is in favor of offering an FYE course. When a faculty member agrees to teach a one-credit FYE course, the course should be counted as part of the member’s total teaching.” As the lengthy discussion that followed came near the end of the faculty senate meeting, a motion was made, voted on and passsed to table the discussion until the next faculty senate meeting.
  • Student Affairs Committee: did not meet due to inclement weather—nothing new to report.
  • Scholarly Activities Committee: considered scholarly activity grant requests, made decisions and informed grant applicants of the committee’s decisions. 
  • Faculty Affairs: nothing new to report.
  • Library Committee: nothing new to report.
  • University Senators Report: Dr. Willie Ofosu updated the faculty senate on the university’s possible plan to adjust employee and retiree life insurance benefits.  A brief discussion followed.
New Business:
  • Good Offices Panel: A discussion regarding University changes to grade mediation policies rendering the Good Office Panel obsolete led to a motion that the constitution be amended to delete all reference to the Good Offices Panel. This motion will be taken up at the next Faculty Senate Meeting.

Next meeting is March 3, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 pm.