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December 1, 2015

Call to Order

12:05 pm


Marshall Davis, Steven Putzel, Tim Sichler, David Chin, John Weber, Jeff Chiampi, Bob Faux, Renee Rosier, Albert Lozano, Terry Clemente, Charles Davis, Jennie Knies, Megan MacGregor, Frouke de Quillettes, Christyne Berzsenyi


Approved minutes from Oct. 2015 meeting

Chancellor’s Report

Construction on campus is soon to end in Spring 2016.

President Barron will visit for dedication and ribbon cutting on December 17th 2015 at the Innovation Center Technology Workshop and Multi-Media Center

DAA’s Report

Status of faculty searches:

AOJ – Search committee conducted preliminary interviews via Skype on 10/23 and 11/6; two candidates have been invited to on-campus interviews:

  • Wed. December 2nd – Ms. Kathryn Elvey
  • Mon. December 7th – Mr. Rick Dierenfeldt

Arts – Search committee conducted preliminary interviews via Skype 11/23 and will invite candidates

The University put together a taskforce to evaluate the potential use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in the classroom; they started by targeting ECON and STAT courses, as these courses seem to require some of the highest cost textbooks. If you are teaching ECON or STAT and want to evaluate the potential to use OERs for your course, please contact Jennie Knies.

Suzanne Attanasio – Wellness Program 

WB campus won ‘Walk to Hawaii’ which included 57 staff/faculty

Other programs: Tobacco Cessation, Flu Shots, Personal Nutrition 

Michael Harding – Invited SGA Vice President Report

Blue Light App (app designed to enhance safety on campuses) in trial status with Harrisburg campus

Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

Discussed the request from the executive committee regarding Faculty Co-Chairs for the Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Honor Society. Further clarification is requested from the Faculty Senate Chair as to why faculty co-chair nominees would only come from the Academic Affairs Committee

Review of the current BSB Course Assessment Learning Outcomes being conducted at both Abington and Berks Campuses. The list of Program Learning Objectives included effective communication, critical thinking and effective decision making, global and diverse perspectives, teamwork and leadership and knowledgeable practice.  Further clarification is requested from the DAA

Student Affairs Committee 

Representative was not in attendance due to department meeting

Scholarly Activities

Received a total of four grant proposals from faculty, two of whom were members of the committee. In total, the proposals requested $2,755 but the budget was only $1,500

Also, discussed the need to develop an online form to streamline the entire process.

Faculty Affairs Committee 

Please attend ‘silo-free’ lunch

Library Committee

Weeding project – removing out of date, worn, etc texts. Would like to have it done by April and are looking for best methods to have the faculty get involved.

University Senators

The entrance to major process is doing away with entrance to major semesters. The new entrance to major process enables a student to enter a major once they have met all course, credit, and GPA requirements for that major within a defined credit window. Since the new process is doing away with the entrance to major semesters, enrollment aps no longer have any meaning. Instead a GPA cutoff will be set to admit approximately the desired number of students to each controlled major.

Removal of the limit on late drops. Vote – changes accepted. A student may late drop courses without penalty. However, student will have limited attempts at a course. A student is limited to attempt any given course a maximum of three (3) times. A course in which a grade of C or better was obtained may be repeated if written evidence of consultation is obtained from the student’s adviser.

University Faculty Council

Reviewed changes to the constitution: two councilors from each campus with staggered terms

Reviewed changes to the UC Faculty Awards description of awards, process and eligibility: must you win at your campus to be eligible, etc. Votes are due Dec. 1 

Old Business

Nominations for Faculty Chair/s for Alpha Sigma Lambda, Adult Student Honor Society—CB F16

New Business

 Election of University Faculty Senate Representative: Salvatore Marsico’s term ends 2016.

Comments for the Good of the Order



1:20 PM

October 20, 2015

Call to Order

Chancellor’s Report (Dr. Charles Davis)

Thank you to Frank Derby for helping make the presentation at the President's tailgate a success.

November 4th and 5th: Centennial kick-off events; please attend.

The University is looking into safety policies due to recent events on college campuses, will update faculty and staff as soon as information comes available.

DAA’s Report (Dr. Albert Lozano)

Update on searches: Phone interviews for AOJ position 10/23, Instructor of Arts just received a shirt list from search committee of interview candidates.

Enrollment down at all but 4 campuses; not a campus-specific issue

S.A.M (Student Achievement Measures) tracking tool showing where student in good standing go after PSU whether for academic or financial reasons (enrollment data - Margie)

LionPath: New degree Audits will have pre-red. enforced at time of registration

Declare major students need more than 44 credits but does not guarantee campus/location change

Academic Status: Good Standing / Academic Warning / Suspension 

(2) Suspensions will result in dismissal from the University.

Faculty are encouraged to participate in dual enrollment (freshmen, Gen. Ed. courses)

Common schedule change is coming soon and will affect the scheduling of rooms/times 

Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Integrity: How many faculty in hearing? Elected or appointed by DAA? How many elected and how many appointed? How many students? What would be the process to follow if there is a case coming before the Academic Integrity committee?

Discussion around this charge noted that the DAA has already created an Academic Integrity Committee for the current academic year. The AAC will discuss this at a future meeting to go over process, best practice, etc.  

SRTEs: Should the faculty senate recommend faculty to include a statement on the value of the SRTEs? Should we have open discussions between faculty and students about the value of the SRTEs as a way to improve teaching? How can we help students to write more meaningful answers to the open-ended questions in the SRTEs?  Discussion around this charge resulted in a recommendation that Student Affairs send out a reminder message to all students before and when SRTE windows/links are open and available for students to complete. 

Learning Outcomes: Should I ask faculty members to choose one learning outcome for a single course they teach in SP 16 and work on how to assess it through the semester? We can bring speakers from the Schreyer Institute, but in order for these to be effective, we need faculty who have started the process of thinking about these. Discussion around this charge resulted in a recommendation that the DAA provide an update on what programs have done and/or are doing presently to meet this task. It was noted that some programs, including Business, have already developed learning outcomes for some courses. Another question came up regarding what assistance the campus will offer to help create learning outcomes. It was noted that all course syllabi should have listed both program and course learning outcomes. 

Student Affairs Committee

Welcome Day feedback wanted and awaiting selection of student representative.

Scholarly Activities Committee

official Call for Proposals

Faculty Affairs Committee

Search committee recommendations submitted list for (2) positions: Arts and AOJ

First Tuesday lunch suggestion for all faculty as an opportunity to converse without class obligations or agendas

Open to suggestions for off-campus activities 

Library Committee

Full-time staff has been hired for library position.

University Senators

Tenure clock extension in the College of Medicine

Assess the Validity and Reliability of SRTEs

Examine Global Engagement in Recognition/Reward System

Determine Voting Rights for Selection of Promotion and Tenure Committees

Establish Promotion Review Committees for FT Faculty

Make Recommendations for Online General Education Courses

The Value of Contributions to Economic Development

Forensic Report on Appointment and Promotion of FT Faculty

Report on Promotion and Development of FT Faculty

Propose Changes to HR 23 Regarding Gender Equity in Tenure Clock Stoppages

University Faculty Council

No report.

Old Business

Request for Faculty Senate members to decide what process should be followed for academic integrity. Chancellor Davis will appoint members.

New Business


Comments for the Good of the Order



1:20 PM

August 19, 2015

Call to Order

3:20 PM by Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi


Faculty: Tim Sichler, Wanda Ochei, Bob Faux, William Chickillo, David Chin, Renee Rosier, William Bachman, John Weber, Fred Stefon, Dudley Snyder, Lynda Goldstein, Willie Ofosu, Marshall Davis, Christine Berzsenyi, Wei-Fan Chen, Jennie Knies, Frouke de Quillettes, Garrett Huck, Violet Mager, Melisa Naylor, Jeff Chiampi, Terry Clemente, Michael Ecker, Anatoli Ivanov, Frank Derby, Bill Bachman

Student representative: none

Administrative Members: Dr. Charles Davis, Dr. Albert Lozano


Introduction of Sarah Luvender and information about resources

Chancellor’s Report (Dr. Charles Davis)

Tuition increase is 0% across the board, leaving UP in a financial hole of $15-17 million. Funds from WB campus will be held for UP ($26,000)

New budget model is 90% done, a lot based on student credit hours

Board of Trustees meeting will be held at our campus summer 2016

Faculty are reminded to check class rosters for students who are in registered status vs. not in registered status

New students on the WB campus is up 4%

Director of Student Services and Engagement Report (Wanda Ochei)

Encourage students to use resources on campus and highlight Career Services

Be an extension to Student Services by attending campus events

DAA Report (Dr. Albert Lozano)

Survey SITE (Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence)

Enrollment is down and is the lowest among the Commonwealth Campuses

Stress the importance of SRTEs. Faculty members are encouraged to put a statement in their syllabus about completing SRTE. Urge students to provide constructive comments

Academic Integrity — use as a learning tool; the goal is not to sanction but to help student learn from the situation. Online form to fill out for documentation.

Request for faculty senate members to decide what process should be followed for academic integrity; tailor the process to our campus. Is a committee needed or need to be elected?

Searching for an instructor of Arts; request for faculty to serve on committee

Development of a plan to assess learning outcomes

Be sure to complete Early Progress Reports (EPR)

Committee Reports

None. (Committees were assigned.)

Old Business

Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Honor Society. “We move that the Faculty Senate supports Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Honor Society.” Motion approved by Faculty Senate.

New Business


Comments for the Good of the Order


Next Meeting

Oct. 20, 2015


4:25 PM