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Fran Brown Humanitarian Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize and reward an outstanding member of our campus community - or a campus team - for fostering an environment that values civility and celebrates diversity. This individual or team will consistently build community by appreciating each person’s uniqueness and by making everyone feel welcomed. This award is named after a former campus employee who in her day-to-day interactions epitomized these core values of sensitivity and concern for others. Different individuals may demonstrate these characteristics in a variety of ways: through humor, thoughtfulness, diplomacy, a non-judgmental orientation, an openness to being a supportive listener, patience, and/or an attitude that enables others to feel empowered.

Who is eligible: Faculty, staff, technical services, and wage-payroll employees, or a group or team of employees, are eligible to receive this award. As the Campus Environment Team’s mission is to promote the very behaviors described in this award, the team itself is not eligible, but individual CET members may be nominated.

Nominations: Support documents should delineate how the individual or team meets the criteria  for this award. These documents should use specific recent examples to demonstrate how the person or team meets, or exceeds, the criteria, as well as the degree of commitment to the criteria.

Award:  Anyone may nominate eligible persons for the award.


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