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The Case for Supporting Penn State Wilkes-Barre

Penn State’s Legacy is at Risk 

Even though Penn State is the largest higher education institution in Pennsylvania, most people are surprised to learn that in spite of the University’s name, excellent reputation and size, state appropriations account for less than 10% of our annual operating budget of over $3.6 billion. In fact, Penn State derives its income from a variety of sources:

University Operating Budget

State appropriations are vital to Penn State's operations. Unfortunately, that support has not kept pace with inflation or other cost increases experienced by the University. As a result, tuition has increased, along with the total amount of debt carried by a Penn State student upon graduation.

With state support accounting for about 9.4 percent of Penn State's total operating budget, the University vigorously seeks philanthropic support to meet academic needs for which public appropriations are inadequate or unavailable. Although the amount of private support received by Penn State has increased over the last few years, it continues to lag behind those of the Big Ten.