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Fitness contest determines strongest man and woman on campus

Weight room ARB
3/19/2004 —

Recently faculty, staff, and students at Penn State Wilkes-Barre were invited to vie for the title of “campus strongest man and strongest woman” in the Athletics & Recreation Building’s state-of-the-art weight room/fitness center.

The contest, brainchild of Thomas Winter, Ph.D., professor of physics, grew out of a physics class he was teaching. “I created a hands-on lab to go with a topic, work and power, which we cover in our physics course,” said Dr. Winter. “Students spent two hours in the weight room performing and analyzing five exercises: chins, dips, bench press, shoulder press, and leg press, determining their own work and power output.  Students got a lot out of it both in terms of learning the concepts from first-hand experience and, at the same time, getting a good workout.  With the latter in mind, and to encourage fitness, I decided to make a contest out of it. Focusing on three of the five events, and coming up with a simple way to judge the winner, I opened it up to the entire campus.”

The contest was a 3-day event and contestants competed against each other in chin, dip, and bench press. First place winners, Craig Smith and Donna Smolow, each received a Penn State sports watch and Penn State regalia. A.J. Kusmierz and Michael Butler tied for second place in the men’s division; Kelly Spencer placed second in the women’s division.

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