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Weather station installed on campus

Scott Stuccio and Dr. Thomas Winter adjust weather station
6/4/2003 —

Scott Stuccio, instructor of meteorology at Penn State Wilkes-Barre and weather forecaster at local television station WYOU-TV 22,  recently announced the installation, calibration, and commission of a VantagePro Wireless weather station at the campus in Lehman.

The weather station, manufactured by the Davis equipment company in California, will supply continuous live weather data on the Penn State Wilkes-Barre web site. The fan-aspirated radiation shield provides the highest possible accuracy in data readings. Further accuracy is assured by the placement of the station atop a tri-pod on the roof of the Science Center. This set-up counteracts the unevenness of the surface, and ensures that temperature, humidity, and wind sensors are not directly affected by the roof surface.

“The station will benefit the campus in many ways,” said Stuccio. “I, for one, will use it practically everyday in my meteorology classes. Engineering and physics professors, and just about anyone else can also make use of the data for their classes, too. It can assist those individuals who make decisions about canceling or compressing classes, and the maintenance crew can consult it to predict whether they can proceed with their outdoor projects.”

The weather station was funded by a generous donation from Thomas Winter, Ph.D., professor of physics at the campus.

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