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Spring commencement held

5/21/2007 —

On Saturday, May 19, 2007, commencement was held at Penn State Wilkes-Barre for students who have earned associate and baccalaureate degrees. Students who earned their degrees at the end of fall 2006 semester and those who will earn their degrees at the end of the summer 2007 semester were also invited to participate in the ceremony.

The ceremony began at 10 a.m. in the Athletics & Recreation Building. Anna Cervenak, chair of the campus advisory board, delivered the welcoming address. Class speaker was Melissa Sulima.  Steven Perzia, president of the campus Alumni Constituent Society, inducted graduates into the Penn State Alumni Society.

Dr. Joyce M. Van Eck delivered the commencement address. Dr. Van Eck grew up in Plains, Pa. and attended Penn State Wilkes-Barre after graduating from Coughlin High School in 1976. She earned a bachelor's degree in biology at University Park, a master's degree in plant science from the University of Delaware, and her doctorate in plant breeding and genetics from Cornell University.  She is currently a senior research associate/project leader at The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. She is widely published and is co-owner of several patents.

 A reception for graduates and their families immediately followed the ceremony.

Graduates are:

Back Mtn. Area: Dallas: Gina Chocallo, B.S. Biology & B.S. Secondary Education; Jason W. Harabin, Surveying;  Jim Kaminski, B.S. Organizational Leadership; Richard D. Kapson, B.S. Administration of Justice; Patrick Lyons, B.S. Administration of Justice; Ryan E. Mc Grady, B.S. Administration of Justice; Kevin J. Tanner, A.S. Business Administration; Christopher P. Teetsel, B.S. Administration of Justice; Derek Traver, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Harveys Lake: David Lamoreux, B.S. Administration of Justice; Hunlock Creek: William H. Evans, B.S. Business; Shavertown: Brian P. Gula, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Kevin A. Gula, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Keri A. McDermott, B.S. Business; Jennifer A. Malak, B.S. Administration of Justice; Matthew J. Morgan, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Kerri Stephens, B.S. Business; Ralph W. Wysocki, A.S. Business Administration; Sweet Valley: Brian C. Stempian, A.E.T. Electrical Engineering Technology; Michael G. Hoprich, B.S. Business; Trucksville: Paul R. Wisnieski, B.S. Business

Bear Creek: Sterling B. English, B.S. Business

Hazleton/Mountaintop Area: McAdoo: David E. Dougherty, B.S. Administration of Justice; Andrew L. Trimmell, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology

Nanticoke: Pamela Stadts, B.S. Business

Pittston Area: Jenkins Twp.: Jeffrey D. Chiampi, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Melissa A. Sulima, B.A. Administration of Justice; Pittston: Wendy Perschau, B.A. Administration of Justice; Charles D. Vaccaro, B.S. Administration of Justice; West Pittston: Ronald L. Orth, B.S. Administration of Justice

Scranton Area: Carbondale: Tessa S. Lynady, B.A. Letters, Arts, & Sciences; Clarks Summit: Peter T. Hoban, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Duryea: Matthew Balchune, B.S. Administration of Justice; Moosic: Amanda L. Stevens, B.A. Administration of Justice; Scranton: Rosemaria Dodge, B.S. Administration of Justice; Patrick Duffy, B.A. Administration of Justice; Maura Harris, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Taylor: Dennis J. Stinson, B.S. Surveying Engineering

Tunkhannock Area: Meshoppen: Collin K. Lunger, A.S. Business Administration; S. Montrose: Andrew Honeychuck, B.A. International Politics; Tunkhannock: Michael T. Gozdiskowski, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Jennifer Higgins, B.S. Business; Jere P. Pallis, B.S. Industrial Health & Safety, A.S. Business Administration

West Side: Edwardsville: Megan Ide, B.S. Business; Exeter: Heather M. Frazier, B.S. Business; Forty-Fort: Christopher Youron, B.S. Administration of Justice; Kingston: Michael R. D'Amico, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology; Jessica Gable, B.A. Administration of Justice; William Gabriel, B.S. Business; Sarah L. Hohol, B.S. Business; Jessica L. Pleskach, B.A. Administration of Justice; Jennifer Shumbris, B.A. Administration of Justice; Larksville: James M. Gill, B.A. Communication Arts & Sciences; Gary Travinski, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology; Luzerne: Todd A. Distasio, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Jonathan T. Nutche, B.S. Business; Jessica L. Williams, B.S. Business; Plymouth: Lori Bolesta: B.S. Information Sciences & Technology, A.S. Business Administration, A.A. Liberal Arts; Cassie Massaker, B.S. Health & Human Development; Pringle: Alison Chilcote, B.A. Business Administration; Shickshinny: Jennifer R. Engle, B.S. Administration of Justice;  Charlene A. Estus, A.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Wendy L. Leiby, A.S. Business Administration; Thomas Pentangelo, B.S. Administration of Justice; Swoyersville: Edward P. Connolly, B.S. Surveying Engineering; Stephanie L. Jacobs, B.A. Business Administration; Wyoming: Tami Lanunziata, A.S. Information Sciences & Technology

Wilkes-Barre Area: Hanover Twp.: Nicole M. Hoisington, B.S. Administration of Justice; Matthew J. Sokola, B.A. Business Administration; Patrick Guesto, B.A. Letters, Arts, & Sciences; Daniel Garnett, B.S. Business; Plains: Kara Bernardi, B.A. English; Jennifer M. Bruno, B.S. Business; Christopher S. Moore, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Bryan J. Potter, B.A. Administration of Justice; Wilkes-Barre: Thomas R. Conti, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Adonea E. Groce, B.S. Business; Adam R. Hughes, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology; Heather M. Mosley, B.S. Business; Jamie L. Mudge, B.A. Administration of Justice; Sarah A. Popky, B.A. Administration of Justice; Robert P. Rother, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Lee P. Stanziale, B.A. Business Administration

Outside Area: Barnesville, Pa.: Kyle Jones, B.S. Administration of Justice; Brownsville, Pa.: Justin J. Brezovsky, B.S. Surveying Engineering; Coopersburg, Pa.: Douglas B. Harwick, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Hatboro: Gwen S. Cunningham, B.S. Surveying Engineering; Jersey Shore, Pa.: Nathaniel H. Hollick, A.E.T. Surveying Technology; Milford, Pa.: Sherri Rimli, B.A. Administration of Justice; Milton, Pa.: Kurt A. Savidge, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Montoursville, Pa.: Joshuha D. Miller, B.S. Business; New Albany, Pa.: Daniel R. Diffenbach, A.E.T. Electrical Engineering Technology; Orangeville, Pa.: Raymond R. Reichart, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology; Pocono Lake: Sean F. Angley, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Pottsville: George J. Dronick: B.S. Surveying Engineering; Sayre, Pa.: Kerissa R. Bentz, B.S. Administration of Justice; Joseph J. Rhodes, B.S. Surveying Engineering; Shawanese, Pa.: Chad M. Sakoski, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Stillwater, Pa.: Kimberly A. Mazaika, B.S. Business; Stroudsburg: Nicholas J. Lebel, A.E.T. Electrical Engineering Technology; Towanda: Andrew J. Becker, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology; White Haven: Krista K. Stolpe, B.A. Administration of Justice; West New York, N.J.: Kyle Jameson, B.S. Business

Graduates with Distinction:

Distinction at graduation is awarded to baccalaureate degree candidates with: at least 60 credits (30 credits for associate degree candidates) earned at Penn State; a minimum of a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average; and are in the top 12% of a college's graduating class. The grade point average distinction table is created in September for the coming semesters and varies by college. The table can be viewed at: http://www.registrar.psu.edu/.

Students graduating with Highest Distinction: Jonathan T. Nutche and Melissa A. Sulima

Students graduating with High Distinction: Justin Brezovsky, George J. Dronick, and Keri A. McDermott

Students graduating with High Distinction: Sterling B. English, Pamela Stadts, Lee P. Stanziale



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