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Instructor directs Frances Slocum movie

Bill Bachman directs Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas
11/26/2007 —

“It’s a story that Hollywood couldn’t even write,” says Penn State Wilkes-Barre Communication Arts and Sciences faculty member Bill Bachman. It’s the story of Frances Slocum, and Bachman, along with two co-producers, is bringing the events of her abduction to life through an hour-long documentary. 

According to Bachman, who wrote the script, “This is the most incredibly true story that Hollywood couldn’t even conjure up. Our overall goal is to keep the Frances Slocum story alive.” The movie features over 20 local actors, and scenes from the film were shot on location in towns around Pennsylvania and Indiana.

The feature-length project details the time line of when Frances Slocum was kidnapped in Wilkes-Barre on Nov. 2, 1778. Eventually, she was taken to Ohio, where she lived with a family of Delaware Indians. When Slocum got older, she married a Miami Indian chief, and from that point, she went on to live a comfortable and prosperous life in Indiana until the time of her death. “A lot of people know and a lot of people don’t know the story of what really happened to Frances Slocum,” said Jesse Teitelbaum, Executive Director of the Luzerne County Historical Society, and one of the cast members in Bachman’s film.

In the coming months, Bachman hopes to have the movie aired on the History Channel or other educational stations. In the meantime, you can see the documentary Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas, on Dec.15-16, at the RC Movies 14 Theatres in Wilkes-Barre. Advanced tickets may be purchased by calling Penn State Wilkes-Barre Arts at Hayfield at 675-9232.

A long-time Arts and Sciences professor who lives in Dallas, Bachman began his teaching career in the Greater Wilkes-Barre area in 1982. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the New York Institute of Technology, and is currently a full-time instructor at Penn State Wilkes-Barre. Outside the classroom, Bachman is no stranger to film-making and video editing. He’s held numerous, high profile positions, such as the Public Affairs Director at WNEP TV and Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Blue Cross.

For more information, contact the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Public Information Office at 570-675-9269.

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