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As announced earlier this year, the University is transitioning to a new emergency alerts system, called PSUAlert, away from the old service known as PSUTXT. The University uses the alert system to notify students, faculty and staff in case of a campus closure due to weather conditions, or if there is an emergency situation. You are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes now to add your cell phone number and other contact information to the new system by visiting the PSUAlert portal at http://psualert.psu.edu. There, you also can manage your campus subscriptions to ensure that you will receive alerts from the Penn State campuses you desire. Taking these brief steps now will help authorities to reach you with critical information in the event of an emergency.

Once you have signed up for the PSUAlert system, you will automatically receive all future emergency alerts for the campus(es) you specify at your Penn State email address. By visiting the PSUAlert portal at http://psualert.psu.edu and logging in using your Penn State Access ID and password, you also can sign up to receive emergency alerts in any of the following ways:

  • By text message at as many as three cellphone numbers (including the option to receive alerts by automated voice message);
  • By email at two addresses (in addition to your Penn State email address); and
  • By automated voice message at up to three phone numbers (cell phone or landline).

Please note: Subscription to the PSUAlert service is free, but individual phone plans may charge for receipt of text messages. You will only receive messages from the campuses that you specifically select.

Current PSUTXT subscribers

Students, faculty and staff who currently receive messages via the expiring PSUTXT system will need to re-enter their emergency contact information using the PSUAlert portal. No subscriber information will be carried over from PSUTXT to PSUAlert, so it is imperative that current PSUTXT subscribers take this step. Penn State officials will send emergency alerts using both systems until the end of the day on June 30, at which point PSUAlert will become the University’s sole emergency messaging system.

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit http://psualert.psu.edu. You may also contact Caroline Chronowski at cxs22@psu.edu.


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