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Instructor, Terry Clemente
Penn State Wilkes-Barre provides the opportunities and rewards of an internationally recognized university in a collaborative educational environment where experienced, dedicated scholar-teachers and staff help students of all ages develop their potential to become productive and responsible citizens. We serve the broader community as an educational, technological, cultural, and economic resource.

We will become the educational resource of choice for the region, by
  • being student-focused.
  • promoting personal and intellectual diversity.
  • providing lifelong learning opportunities.
  • providing greater access to programs through technology and location.
  • responding to community needs academically, technologically, culturally, and economically

Student-Focused Environment.  We value a campus where the focus is on a learning environment where students are provided the opportunity for an excellent academic and personal growth experience. We are committed to a strong faculty and staff who help and encourage students to become productive and responsible citizens; incorporate strong positive values in academic and co-curricular programs; and emphasize the value of life-long learning.

Excellence.  We value excellence in all our endeavors. We are committed to hiring, supporting and developing highly qualified faculty and staff. We are dedicated to providing quality teaching and service. We foster intellectual curiosity, exploration, innovation and open inquiry. We support faculty and undergraduate research.

Community Service.  We value the opportunity to be a community partner, supporting educational, economic, and social development.

Campus Community.  We welcome all who desire to become part of a campus community in which all members treat others with respect, honesty and dignity.

Ethics and Integrity.  We support academic freedom. We commit to teaching students to become responsible, accountable, and ethical citizens. We commit to providing a campus community in which all members are expected to take responsibility for their actions and engage in ethical behavior at all times.