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The facilities at Penn State Wilkes-Barre are available for business meetings, seminars, training classes, athletic events, or wedding photos. Fees are charged on an hourly or daily basis. Unless stated otherwise, call Sandy Race at 570-675-9252 for rental information. 



Abram Nesbitt lll Academic Commons 

Barry Auditorium (AC-103): Lecture hall seats 103 students; podium with wired mic; LCD projector that can be used with a laptop; DVD and VHS player linked to LCD projector and internet access.

Polycom (AC-109): Classroom with seating for 50 students.  Equipped with podium, LCD projector, DVD/VHS player linked to LCD projector, Document Camera, internet access, and 52 inch LCD flat screen televisions for local and long distance session viewing.

Classrooms: Classrooms in a variety of sizes are available.

Fortinsky Auditorium

Bell Atlantic Center for Technology

Fortinsky Auditorium (T-101): seats 125, plus 4 ADA seats; podium with wired mic; LCD projector that can be used with a laptop; DVD & VHS player linked to LCD projector and Internet access.
T-14: small, tiered lecture room.
Computer Labs: Room #T-20: 30 student computer stations/1 instructor; Room #T-23: 30 student computer stations/1 instructor; Room #T-112: 16 student computer stations.
Classrooms: classrooms in a variety of sizes are available.

Computer Lab

The Science Center

S-1: 30 student computer stations/1 instructor.
S-2: Polycom Video Conferencing Classroom seats 24 students.
Bierly Auditorium (S-101): seats 252; podium with computer, DVD/VHS player & wireless sound system that can be displayed via an LCD projector; laptop hook-up to LCD projector also available.
Classrooms: classrooms in a variety of sizes are available.

Hickory Court Cafe

Student Commons

The Hemlock Room: small meeting room
The Hickory Court Café: cafeteria area

Athletics & Recreation Building

The gymnasium in the Athletics & Recreation Building is available for tournaments and other events.

Call 570-675-9259 for rental information.

Athletic field

Outdoor Athletics Facilities

Soccer fields
Tennis courts
Volleyball court
Open areas

Room 105 in Hayfield House, decorated for a wedding

Hayfield House

Room 105: This was the original main living room in Hayfield House, with a marble fireplace which is several hundred years old.  Legend has it that it came from Emperor Franz Josef’s Hofsburg Palace in Vienna.  A copy of the fireplace also adorns the other end of this magnificent room, which can be used for weddings, showers, holiday parties, meetings, conferences, training sessions, or other events.

Floating staircase in Hayfield House

Floating Staircase: This architecturally unique staircase is called “floating” because it is supported only from the ceiling and the floor. This makes a beautiful setting for wedding party and family photos.

Room 205: 205 is a medium-sized room suitable for meetings, training sessions, etc.

Rave Family Pond and Hayfield House

The Grounds

In addition to the interior of Hayfield House, the Robert A. Rave Family Pond, the Gazebo, and the exterior grounds surrounding Hayfield House are also popular backdrops for wedding photos.