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Software Acquisition, Use and License Compliance Policy


To establish guidelines for the acquisition, license management, and use of software on University-owned equipment for Penn State Wilkes-Barre.


This policy applies to all Penn State Wilkes-Barre full-time and part-time faculty, staff and students.


Remediate – correct or make right.

ADG01 - Glossary of Computerized Data and System Terminology


All software installed on University-owned equipment at Penn State Wilkes-Barre must be acquired in ways that are in compliance with all University policies, including but not limited to AD20 - Computer and Network Security, AD57 - General Regulations on Use of University Property and ADG02 - Computer Facility Security Guideline.


  1. All software installed on University-owned equipment must have a valid license for use.
  2. All software installations should be performed by the campus IT staff unless other arrangements have been made by the IT Director.
  3. All University-owned equipment is subject to monitoring for compliance with software acquisition, use and licensing requirements.
  4. IT staff will maintain an inventory of software installed on University-owned equipment and the appropriate licenses for the installed software.
  5. It is the responsibility of each user of University-owned equipment to ensure that the software installed in their computer is in compliance with all applicable University policies and that applicable updates are downloaded and installed as available.
  6. All software purchases should be handled by IT staff. Approval for software purchases should be provided in writing by the appropriate budget administrator before software is purchased.
  7. When software is received, IT staff will be assigned to install the software on the authorized University-owned equipment. The software license will be stored by IT staff.
  8. IT Staff and individual users will download and install applicable software updates as they become available from software vendors.
  9. Users will accept onscreen prompts in a timely manner to restart their computer to install software updates.
  10. IT staff will conduct periodic audits of University-owned equipment to determine what software is installed on equipment and verify compliance with license agreements and University policies.