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Backup Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to outline the actions that are necessary for backing up employee documents.


This procedure will be used for all new full-time faculty and staff and part-time staff who will be assigned a computer.


ADG01 - Glossary of Computerized Data and System Terminology


Each employee is given a hidden file share that only their userid can access. This share is automatically mapped to faculty and staff computers. Employees are to store any documents that need to be backed up on this share. The share is configured to be available offline to allow mobile employees to travel with their documents. These files shares will be backed up to the backup appliance at least daily and backups will be maintained as long as possible with an ideal goal of at least thirty days.


  1. Employees must store their documents on the S:\ drive if they want them to be backed up.  The ITS department will not be responsible for recovering files from an employee computer that were not properly stored on the S:\ drive.
  2. Each employee will be given 100Gb of space. If additional space is needed, the employee should contact the IT Services office.
  3. The version of the files stored on the server will be backed up at least once a day. These backups will be stored as long as reasonably possible on the backup appliance. A goal of thirty days is ideal.
  4. Internet Explorer favorites will automatically be transferred to the S:\ drive.
  5. Changes to files when a computer is not on campus will not be backed up until the computer is returned to campus and is able to complete its sync with the server. 
  6. Employees who will be away from the campus for an extended period of time are responsible to contact the ITS department to develop a different backup strategy.
  7. Employees are responsible to notify the ITS department if they are put on any sort of legal hold which involves their computer files. The ITS department will then work with the employee to ensure their backups are preserved and not in violation of the legal hold.